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Joplin and Kristina Wedding
Tue, Dec 18, 2012

Our Story

On November 15, 2010, I saw that someone named Joplin Lualhati had added me on Facebook. I wasn't sure who he was, so I asked our mutual friend Ara Soliman-Javier. It turned out that he was her cousin and not her co-worker as I originally thought. He seemed nice based on his profile, so I accepted his friend request.

Although we were friends on Facebook, we never really had a chance to chat with each other online. But one time, I decided to visit his profile and saw his most recent post: "To Starbucks or not to Starbucks? That is the question." I commented, "To Starbucks," and from then on we found ourselves commenting on each other’s posts, especially if Starbucks is the subject. We tagged each other’s  pictures from Starbucks coffee and updated each other on everything we ordered from that store. He told me he would visit Manila for a one month vacation and asked me to meet him on our favorite Starbucks coffeeshop. I accepted his invitation and we agreed to meet at Robinsons Otis in Manila at around 8 PM on December 5, 2010. 

So we finally meet.. During the duration of his stay, we always meet up after office hours.  We would just order coffee at the Starbucks and went strolling. I noticed he had a cute smile whenever we joked around. From there i just say that " We started over coffee, we started out as Friends.. It\'s funny how from simple things the "Best things begin"...

I never really believed in long distance relationship because it seems really difficult to have a commitment with someone who is so far away. Until Joplin came along, I didn’t realize things will work out this good and can be successful.

Spending time with him I can say is one of the sweetest and most romantic moments of my life. He never lets me go home alone, like the other guys I had relationships with. He respects me a lot, and he’s such  true  gentleman. I never even noticed that I was beginning to like him little by little. He always puts a smile on my face.

On December 19, 2010, I invite Joplin to attend a mass at Greenbelt chapel, when we were at Greenbelt Chapel, Rocel and her cousin arrived there also. We held each other’s hands tightly throughout.  During the middle of mass services, he fanned me with the hand fan because it was warm and he told me he will treat me like a princess. I just blushed. We had our dinner at A. Venetto Restaurant at Glorietta.  While having dinner I couldn’t help but cry because in 18 days, Joplin will going back to Australia.  And that was the time we admitted our feelings for each other.  He told me he had to finish his studies as he had one semester left. I was still crying, so he wiped my tears with his hands and told me not to worry as days go by fast and he promised he will be back again.

This is what I don’t like in a long-distance relationship, to be apart from each other, but I love him and I promised to wait for him. I trust him so much and I know he feels the same way. I know deep in his heart it’s not easy for us to be apart.  We promise to do everything for us to maintain our communication.

Then he went back to australia again, to finish his study and find a job immediately after he graduate. Luckily after he graduated he found a Job at DHL Australia.

We chat very night before we sleep, we exchange photos and videos and voice notes too..  We never let a day pass without even see eachother..



He went back here in Manila for a long vacation and spend time with me always.. We explore different places in the Philippines,  then we went to Boracay Island to spend our 1st Anniversarry. We got some activities there, island hopping etc.  But on the 12:00am Dec. 19, 2011 our 1st Anniversarry, It took him a while to get me to wake up and when I finally did, we went out and took a walk along the beach with barbecue and a mango shake in hand. He found a place to for us to sit, and we were watching the stars and the waves of the ocean, the smell and sounds of the beach at midnight is very romantic, then he surprisingly apologizes for arguing sometime and then he went down on one knee in front of me and pulled out a box from his pocket with an engagement ring inside it. Then he asked,"Kristina, will you marry me?"

  My tears just fell down my face because of so much happiness. I hugged him so tight, and I wanted to scream and shout and tell him how I‘d love to marry him but I became speechless. The question rendered me speechless and before I knew it, tears were running down my cheeks from so much happiness. I almost forgot to answer him because I was crying so much. He asked me again and I finally said, “Yes!!! I’ll marry you!!” and sealed my response with a kiss. We were so overjoyed. We got engaged on the shores of Boracay on December 19, 2011 around 12:30 am. It turned out my mom and the rest of my friends knew that he was going to propose and they managed to keep it a secret from me..










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