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Jennifer and Bruce Brian Wedding
Sat, Jul 16, 2016

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1132 days after our wedding

Bride's Name: Bruce Brian Calis
Groom's Name: Jennifer Miranda
Wedding Date/Time: Sat, Jul 16, 2016, 7:00 pm
Ceremony Venue: San Antonio De Padua Church Valley 1, Metro Manila, Philippines
Reception Venue: Fortunata Village Clubhouse, Metro Manila, Philippines

Our Story

Im Jennifer an OFW, I met Bruce in Doha Qatar 2008 at Doha Bank, Heres the long story goes. I just went out with my nephew Gian, we went to Doha Bank for his job interview, as Im the only person at home who is free to join him at that day. While his having Interview, one kabayan approached me and ask if iwas looking for a job also, masungit ako. I said no i was just waiting for my nephew. Taray diba. He is Bruce he is looking for a job also that time, he is asking for my mobile number which i didnt give. I dont know him why I should give even we have the same nationality. He ask me I f could help him with his application, he gave his cv/resume. After that day since we are filipino's and we are very helpful. I send him some job application thru email. It started over an email. He ask if we could be friends, i said its ok. he always sends messages which I never reply or if I replied its like after 2 to 3 weeks. It was after 8 long months of communication. My friend convinced me to go out with him. That there is nothing to lose, just give it a try, which I dont like because Iam very afraid of falling in love.

We go on dates, watch movies, he cooks for me. he is so sweet, he always calls literally like 30 minutes to an hour. he always send messages. Who wouldnt fall for him.

April 2009 I finally said yes to the relationship. Amazing isnt it its a long time of waiting.. It was a great relationship, I loved him and I felt Loved. After few months it turns out like cold relationship. we start to fight on small things to big things. We separate for a year without any formal break up, we just didnt talked at all. After a year we just went back to each others arms, I dont know maybe it is really Fate. It was something unexpected and we got married Civil one on the same year. 

1 year and half of our marriage is a disaster. we have a lot of struggle and misunderstanding. He is not ready for a married life.. It is very hard on my part as I need to be very patient. He is a good father to our children, a very hard working person, but as a husband he neeeds more improvement. 

it is 2 long years after we get along well and fix all the problems that we encountered. After  years of being married, we decided to get married at the church, We felt like maybe this is the missing part. We still encounter problems but together we are stronger. God is always holding both our hands to hold on. Love in infity and beyond. God bless readers.

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