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Arghie and Ariane Wedding
Sat, Dec 13, 2014

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1713 days after our wedding

Bride's Name: Ariane Salen
Groom's Name: Arghie Belbes
Wedding Date/Time: Sat, Dec 13, 2014, 5:00 pm
Ceremony Venue: TBA, Metro Manila, Philippines
Reception Venue: TBA, Metro Manila, Philippines
Message: Ending 10years & 10months of Boyfriend/Girlfriend status!

Our Story

Our relationship officially started February 13 of 2004. Yes, 1 day before Valentine's Day and it was even Friday the 13th. She said YES to being my Girlfriend without realizing those awkward scenarios. Kaya pinanindigan na namen. That's how that day change our perspective about the number 13 or even Friday the 13th because it brought us together. 

We were inseparable since College. We have the same group of Friends, same groupmates for school projects, same career and once, even worked for the same Company.

We knew we were meant for each other as we are very opposite in many ways. We compliment each other, diff. strengths and weaknesses. The only thing which is similar between the two of us is that our HEARTS beat as one. 

It's almost 11 years before we tie the knot. Lots of reasons for the delay but most of them mine. I wanted to be the Ideal Son and Brother to my family as I am the eldest of 4. So that once I get married, I can focus on being the Ideal Husband and eventually an Ideal Father. 

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